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I Rescued a Pup!!!

I finally have a baby pup of my own! We welcomed home little Maggie girl on Saturday and it's ridiculous how much I love her already.

Can you even stand the cuteness? She's a 2 month old lab/terrier mix so we're not sure how big she'll get, but she has pretty tiny paws. And a little terrier mustache haha

She loves playing with the fuzzy bunny I got her. She'll grab it and come plop down in my lap to play with it and I melt. Yesterday she fell asleep spooning it.

And we snuggled all weekend long. After lots of playing and biting my toes she'll come over and fall asleep on my chest. Early Sunday morning Patrick and I snuggled with her on the couch and it was absolute heaven! She gives the best pup kisses in the world!

Also my Instagram is about to be flooded with puppy pictures, go check them out



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