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Memorial Day Weekend '22

Good morning! I hope you're coming off this long weekend well-rested and hopefully not sunburned. This holiday weekend was one of my favorites - it's not like we had any big parties or anything. It was the perfect mix of laidback and getting time outdoors.

Saturday started out with some porch time! I'm okay admitting that this makes me sound old, but it's such a little luxury that I enjoy when it's warm out in the mornings.

I put up the baby gates so Maggie could join me in a sun spot on her bed, and I enjoyed my coffee while I played Wordle and read my book. I'm currently reading the Office BFF's book from Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey, and I'm absolutely flying through it. I love listening to their podcast too - their friendship is just so cute and listening to them is soothing, especially while I'm working.

I actually joined Patrick at the gym, which I haven't done in.. I can't even count how many months. But it felt so good, I joined him again on Sunday! The rest of Saturday was super lowkey; we took Maggie to the groomer, and she always ends up looking so cute! I've been cutting her hair during the pandemic, but she was due for a full professional grooming. We were over in the Fairmount area, so we picked up dinner at our favorite spot, Dim Sum and Noodle. So so good (I got their pad thai). And then it was early to bed after stuffing ourselves full of dim sum. And noodles.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful, so after we hit the gym, we planned a little trip to Workhorse Brewing in Conshohocken. We even let Maggie tag along for the first time! She can be a little rambunctious in a new exciting environment, but she was so well-behaved! She made some pup and human friends, and we brought her bed so she could lay down next to our picnic table in the shade. Our waitress even brought her a small cup of mini Milk Bone treats. We had a few beers (i had an amazing blueberry cider), and of course their soft pretzels. Seriously, their beer cheese and mustard are so good, I order this every time we go. We headed back home once my allergies were bothering me too much (they were next level outside that day). And we hunkered down for a rewatch of Peaky Blinders on Netflix since their final season is coming out next weekend.

Monday of course was the holiday, so we started out our day off on a high note: making chicken and waffles, topped with my dad's homemade maple syrup, and a blueberry ghost pepper hot sauce (the sweet and heat together were amazing). We spent the majority of the day outdoors, playing cornhole with the SJU corn hole set my mom got us as a wedding gift. Maggie dipped her toes in her kiddie pool, and had the best time rolling around in the grass and playing with her soft frisbee (we love the Chuck It brand since it also floats - we take it to the beach and she loves going in the water to fetch it!). Patrick grilled up some burgers, and we had classic picnic foods, complete with potato salad and finished the day with brownies topped with peanut butter for dessert. And of course we can't forget we had some margaritas - perfect for a day outdoors.

Now it's a short work week before we head off to our first wedding as newlyweds next weekend in Cape May! I hope you all have the best week!


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