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Maggie's First Museum Trip, Mussels, and Standup

This was one of the first weekends we really got to enjoy our new apartment in Fairmount! We've been so busy lately, traveling home to see family, seeing friends for St. Paddy's day, etc, so it felt great just spending the weekend in Philly.

Patrick was actually supposed to head out fishing for the weekend (sleeping in the car, waking up at dawn...everything that sounds like a blast to me) but last minute decided to stay in Philly. I feel like I really lucked out, getting to spend quality time with him and Maggie and exploring our new neighborhood.

I was actually taking Maggie on a long walk when he called to tell me he was staying for the weekend. So we hurried to fit in all the touristy things Maggie wanted to check off her to-do list: visiting the Rocky statue, climbing the steps, licking trash on the steps, and pooping on the lawn just outside the museum. I think we really knocked it out of the park on her first visit!

*Disclaimer: that is not Maggie's cigarette butt. She quit cold turkey and we're very supportive of her journey*

Friday night was rounded out perfectly with pizza and Stromboli, Netflix, and lots of pup snuggles. My favorite kind of Friday night after a long week.

Saturday was our first real taste of Spring weather around here, so we took Maggie on a nice long walk to the pet store to get a new harness. We're working on not pulling on walks, so a no-pull harness was a must. She literally pulled the entire way there...and then pulled us into a nail salon lol. Don't leave your doors open, people. Maggie will make herself right at home.

For lunch, we really wanted to go somewhere we could get a drink outside to enjoy the weather, and decided on Belgian Cafe. It's another location of Center City's Monk's Cafe with a ton of beer options and foods to make you feel slightly European, like grilled Brie and french fries listed as "pommes frites." But dang they sure know how to make some good pommes frites.

I went with a Croque Madame which was piled high with probably the best ham I've eaten, but the star was the bowl of mussels that Patrick ordered.

There were easily more than two dozen in the garlicky broth, with a few shrimp thrown in there as well. Capers and spinach rounded out the dish and made me want to dive head first into the bowl of broth. But I didn't, I wasn't wearing a swimsuit.

Anyway, we enjoyed a pretty laidback afternoon sipping on some white wine and watching standup comedy specials on Netflix while Maggie was at the groomer. This is the first time I picked her up from a groomer where they had put a bow in her hair, and I wish I had taken a picture. She looked absolutely ridiculous! I think she prefers her classic, low-maintenance look, so we immediately took it out. Not before Patrick could get a laugh from it though.

Unfortunately Sunday was super busy. Patrick had to go into work for a few hours, and my day was jammed packed with plans to watch Legally Blonde and take a nap with Maggie on the couch. Thankfully we were able to get everything done!

And now we're venturing into sober April while we start to get ready for the Broad Street Run! Have I mentioned I LOATHE running? I've been whining this entire time haha bless Patrick for putting up with me.

Cheers to a great week ahead! And more whining about running!


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