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Monday Musings + Weekend Pictures

Well the weekend has come and gone (again too quickly) and now we must truck along and get through the work week. BUT my birthday present to myself arrived on Friday: a DSLR camera!! I can't accurately convey how excited I am to learn the manual settings and really step up my photography game. I've taken a few photography classes in college where I dabbled with manual settings, but my class was twice a week, and I really don't think that's frequent enough to learn the ins and outs of a camera like this. So stay tuned for fun pictures of Maggie and random outdoor subjects while I get the hang of this thing. SO EXCITED!

Not to be a total coffee snob, because I really wouldn't categorize myself as one, but have Kcups gotten super sucky lately? I only drink them at work since we have a small French Press at home for Patrick and me, but MAN this hot bean juice stinks! Sorry for calling it hot bean juice. We should start a band called Hot Bean Juice. Nevermind.

Does anyone have this problem with their dog? My writing is completely all over the place this morning, but I have a lot of thoughts. Please love me. Every single time I shower and put on lotion afterwards, Maggie licks my leg like a popsicle that's melting so you have to lick every side of it so it doesn't melt all over everything. Why is this a thing? Is it just my dog that's weird and loves to lick Jergens off my legs? Please advise. My dog is weird in like 100 different ways, this is just one of her quirks I've been experiencing lately. That and a fear of orange parking cones, but that one's been around for a while.

Plans for this week? Last night Patrick made turkey chili for this chilly week (haha I love some good word play) so I'm going to photograph that with the new camera tonight. Other than that, we have the final two episode of Peaky Blinders to watch and maybe going to Terror Behind the Walls next weekend? #SpookySzn. I like to use Monday's as an organizing/cleaning/getting my life together kind of day, so hopefully some laundry will get put away tonight. I'm off to search for better hot bean juice! Ew, sorry.



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