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The Thing About Monday´s

So here it is. My big secret. And it´s not so much a secret as it is a confession...or the reason you stop reading and hate me forever.

I like Monday´s.

There it is, so now we can all accept it and move on. But really, they´re a fresh start to the week; a chance to start the week on a good note, even though I´m a cube monkey by day and the hours of 9-5 are pretty mundane.

So here I sit, a glass of red beside me and a puppy in my lap, Will & Grace on my screen, and I´m so content. Inspired, really. Yesterday I finally bought Chrissy Teigen´s cookbook Cravings 2? Is that what the second one is called? Anyway. My plan is to cook my way through all of the recipes (maybe not in order, haven´t quite decided) and document it. Very Julie Meets Julia. We love it.

I´m feeling very creative today, I hope this feeling sticks. Because really, cube life can take a toll on your creativity when all you want to do it write and photograph all day. Maybe one day that can be a reality. But for the time being, I´ll take being in a cube at a company I actually like. Because in reality, it´s paying for my trip to Italy with Patrick next Spring.

Speaking of which, we´re booking flights and hotels tomorrow! We´re making it happen! Our first international trip together and...I truly can´t describe my excitement. I can´t wait to take Patrick to the Trevi Fountain at night when it´s lit up and magical and my favorite time to visit. And sip wine at restaurants on cobblestone streets where we can people watch and I can wow him with my very subpar Italian. I daydream about it and I know it´ll be here before we know it. And I cannot wait to take a cooking class. In Italy. With my best friend. Literally my dream.

Time to go dream about Italy and fall asleep listening to my favorite tv couple, Karen and Jack, bicker (I´m sorry but so underrated when this show was airing). Also some skincare first because apparently adult acne is still alive and well!? It´s a messed up world we live in.



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