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Weekend Update - Pup Snuggles and Blue Apron!

It's time for my weekend update! I'm genuinely sad that's it's already Monday so I'm going to look at this throughout the week to get me through to the next weekend. And it's a long weekend with Labor Day YAY!


I'm not very fond of going out every weekend - I really enjoy a night in just relaxing with Patrick and the Magster with a glass of wine and some Netflix. Work seriously drains me! Last week Patrick and I decided that we're going to try out different food delivery options like Blue Apron, so Friday was time to try out our first recipe! Side note: we got the promotional price and plan on doing this with all the other delivery services like Plated and Hello Fresh to try them all without having to pay full price. Life hacks!

We picked the sirloin steak, mashed potatoes and green beans with crispy shallots first. It was seriously delicious! Patrick was in charge of cooking the steak since I still don't have the hang of it after being vegetarian for four years. Oh and he absolutely nailed the crispy shallots (beautifully sliced by yours truly).

I would say this is like a medium difficulty recipe haha. Okay I love cooking but does anyone else have trouble managing the different times everything has to cook? I was constantly checking the directions to make sure I didn't mess up! But they give you step by step instructions (with pictures for those of us visual learners) so it really wasn't that hard. I'm excited to make our next one tonight: sweet and sour pork over jasmine rice. Also I'm convinced jasmine rice is just a scam to make us think we're eating fancier white rice. Let me know.


Maggie and I started our day at 7:00am (she let me sleep in!!) and went on a nice walk around Manayunk. She carried this leaf with her our entire walk lol

Then it was time for some pumpkin spice coffee. Yes I am fully ready for pumpkin spice season and I'm not ashamed. I'm over summer and humidity. Oh and this omelette looks lame but it was full of Swiss cheese and it was heavenly cheesy. I've been really into turkey bacon with breakfast and of course Maggie got a little taste test.

Oh and I actually dragged my butt to the gym?! This is so rare anymore- once I get home from work I want to spend every minute with Maggie after leaving her all day. I had some overnight oats leftover so I topped it with a little more blueberry yogurt from Wegmans and it was the best post gym snack!

Literally the rest of the weekend was so relaxing and spent snuggling the pup. Oh and eating pizza from Couch Tomato Cafe. I didn't take a picture of it because I don't want to show how much pizza I actually ate by myself. There's no shame in my game, I had some leftover 'za for breakfast Sunday morning too.

And here's some pictures of me and Maggie on our walks!

Oh my gosh I almost forgot! I had my first laundromat experience on Sunday haha my washing machine broke and I needed clean towels so I headed to my closest laundromat and awkwardly attempted to work machines.

First I completely forgot to bring detergent (whoops). Luckily they had some in a little detergent vending machine. Speaking of which, I had no idea you need a laundry card to work anything, so I tried for 5 minutes to get detergent until the attendant told me about these magical cards.

I felt like Rachel in Friends trying to do laundry for the first time.

Thankfully nobody tried to steal my cart. Although I accidentally stole someone's at first. But never mind that.

So that's a wrap on my relaxing weekend. I can't wait to make some Blue Apron tonight and day dream about next weekend already. We're going to a pig roast and I know there will be Jell-O shots so I can't wait.

Have a great week!!



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