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Pizzeria Vetri -- Art Musuem Neighborhood

Friends, countrymen (and women. country people. city people...all of the people!) lend me your ears! Go eat this pizza. Seriously, have you looked at it? I'm surprised you're not on your way to get this right now.

Have you left yet? I think they're on Uber Eats. Have you ordered yet?

The point is, if you're in Philly this place is a must in my book. This pizza takes me right back to Italy. I mean you can taste the love that's baked into their food. I love a place that uses a wood fire oven--you know when you get those crispy, almost blackened air bubbles on a crust that has a good crunch but somehow melts in your mouth? Magic.

Patrick and I took our usual route walking home from work one Friday and stopped in to have a little pizza and wine happy hour (this was right before this disgusting heat wave we're smackdab in the middle of so we were able to eat outside). We ordered their signature Crudo pie, with proscuitto crudo, bufala mozzarella, and parmigiano. Holy...what?? I mean, you get the saltiness from the prosciutto with the creaminess of the mozz and here's the kicker: they top the finished product with a drizzle of olive oil and now you want to move to Tuscany and have a wood fire oven built on your terrace overlooking the vineyard while you sip on pino. It's insanely delicious.

The best part of going with someone to Vetri is their small sizes are perfect for sharing. This meant we were able to share two small pizzas, and still had a little to bring home. Our second pie was their signature Spinach, with baby spinach, onion, roasted garlic, mozzarella, ricotta fonduta, parmigiano, and chili flake. Phew.

I just want to curl up in that cheese and take a nap. So creamy, warm, comforting. Did this get weird? Anyway, look at that slice and tell me you don't have a crush on this pizza. Also, if you told me when I was younger that I would love a pizzza that doesn't even need a sauce?? Would've told you to take a hike, buddy!

I hope you have sweet dreams of this pizza tonight. I know I will.

**This post was generously sponsored by Patrick, but all the gushing about pizza was my own. Cool?

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