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It's April and I Just Found this Draft: "Blogmas Day 13!"

I've just ordered a refurbished laptop (bc broke and it was $100) but I'm hoping this will help me really dive into my love of writing.

Anyway, I found this incomplete draft from December and WOW is it a good look at what seasonal depression and being in a rut is like. But this is such a good reason why I love writing: I can look back and see what was going on in my head, even if it's just a random stream of consciousness and not a perfectly composed blog post.

So without further ado, here's a look into my random December thoughts:

"LOL but wouldn't that be fun if I blogged every day in December? Maybe next year. Honestly they would be so short, because here's what a regular weekday looks like for me right now:

Roll out of bed and scramble to find the doorknob so I can escape the heat in my room and go walk Maggie. Walk Maggie in the freezing cold. Feed Maggie. Rush to get ready for work. Work. Tell Patrick I'm not going the gym so I can fold my laundry. Feed Maggie. Doesn't Fold Laundry. Pours a glass of wine instead. Falls asleep either watching Final Table on Netflix or goes up to bed at 8:30. Repeat. Occasionally have a Christmas party on a Wednesday night.

Actually lately I've been going to hot yoga. And by that I mean I've literally gone twice. Oh and did I mention it's POWER hot yoga? I did not know about the "power" part until we started the first class. And as if it wasn't challenging enough, a girl in front of me (always in front because I, a yoga scholar, always choose the back of the room as I do not know what I am doing) strapped on ankle weights for the class! I was very close to knocking the block she was doing tree pose on out from under her..."

Classic Kiera move, going to yoga twice and saying "yeah I go to yoga." ha!

Let me know if you enjoy just random bits of my life like this! Hopefully they'll become more composed.


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