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The One Where We Go On a Wine Tour

I think I've finally sobered up enough from the wine tour to write this recap now! I feel like taking a wine tour wouldn't be something that Patrick and I would pick to do ourselves, but when my mom got us a weekend tour in the Fingerlakes as our Christmas gift last year, we were immediately excited (who doesn't love a paid trip where we can drink wine all day?). And then we waited almost a year to actually go on the tour.

So the first weekend in November, I took a half day from work and we drove up to New York. It ended up taking about 5 hours, but the foliage was off the hook so it was worth it! Do people still say "off the hook?" Am I 50?

Once we got to the hotel, we dropped our bags off and immediately called an Uber to go get dinner. We obviously didn't know the town (which was super adorable) and we wanted a drink with dinner, so getting a ride seemed like a good call. A few minutes later we were heading into town and excited because Patrick said our ride would only be about 10 minutes, and I was hangry.

I have no idea what time he was looking at, but our driver pulled out of the parking lot and went through the intersection outside the hotel and we were at the restaurant. A whopping .2 miles away. We had waited longer for our ride than we were in the car.

Anyway, we filled our bellies with yummy bruschetta and hung out at the hotel bar for a bit before getting lots of rest for our busy day of touring.

This is the only picture we got together the whole day haha the sign of a great time. Shoutout to the girl who took it for getting the worst back lighting in the entire world. Seriously, I had to edit the crap out of this and this is the best I got.

Anyway! After starting the morning off with some diner food we were picked up by our driver for the day at 11am and embarked on our journey. The Three Brothers Winery was basically its own little village and by far my favorite stop. It has 3 wineries and a brewery. We purchased what they called a passport for the winery, where we get to do a tasting menu for each spot. Each winery was so unique and a different theme. The first spot we went was a little cabin and I loved that they were getting their Christmas decorations up. It was so cozy!

This is a wine slushie and it is every bit as fabulous as it sounds!

The brewery had a stand of candles that were a description of myself down to a t, including "basic," and "cheat day" because you know this girl loves some Wendy's and a glass of pino.

We finished our tour around 5pm, so if you're keeping track that's a whopping 6 hours of nonstop wine drinking. We definitely needed some food, and my mom had also gotten us a gift card to an Italian restaurant in town, so we headed back to the hotel and I decided to take a little rest before getting ready for dinner after our long day.

Fast forward to 10pm, I woke up from my "rest" to find out Patrick tried to wake me for dinner several times. I believe my most coherent response was "MehhhgANDADFU."

So while I was passed out Patrick actually needed dinner and went down to the hotel bar to have a nice dinner to end out the day.

Overall it was such an amazing weekend! I completely forgot that our driver mentioned a waterfall that was on our way home, so about 20 minutes into our drive back to Philly Patrick mentioned it and said we should stop. And boy, the view did not disappoint.

So we had a merry time drinking on our weekend all to ourselves, and got to see the waterfall that has an even steeper free fall than Niagara Falls! No biggie.

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