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Life Lately

Okay it's been another 3 months and I haven't posted. But guess what? I broke my laptop..I'm not quite sure how.

Anyway, I have a million photos on my phone and I'm dying to share what's been going on in my life lately, so why not do a quick (okay it's kinda long) recap of what I've been up to recently! Next on my to-do list: get a new computer.

Let's start with the most exciting thing ever (and why I've been so busy the past few months): my best friend got married!!!

We drove to LBI on a Friday with super gloomy weather, and woke up Saturday (day of the wedding) with the most gorgeous weather I've ever seen! Seriously it could not have been a better day. I have a whole post on wedding pics coming because there are just too many for this post.

Here's just a peek at my bff Julia and me in our traditional Titanic pose after our hair and makeup were finished. I'm also always wearing this kimono..

Oh and here's a picture of me taking shots out of a turkey baster on a trolly...that's a story for another time.

Patrick and I FINALLY got to try brunch at Somo in Manayunk. He's been trying to get us to go here for months and we finally got a free weekend so we absolutely couldn't pass up a chance for bottomless mimosas (always sign me up for that!).

Since my birthday last year when I tried chicken and waffles for the first time, I've been trying them at brunch everywhere I go (Charleston, Center City, anywhere I can). I used to live across the street from Somo and in summer I would see people eating outside with the most amazing looking chicken and waffles, so I knew that's what I was going to get.

Well the day we went, they had changed their menu. They switched out the waffle for a ginormous piece of French toast, added chorizo gravy (remember when I was vegetarian? LOL) and added a fried egg on top.... My taste buds were in HEAVEN.

I didn't really have room for dessert (even after only eating a quarter of this monstrosity) but they sold us on apple fritters with a caramel drizzle. Fresh out of the fryer and little morsels of fluffy fritter goodness.

Patrick and I went to the PA Renaissance Faire with his brother and I could not have had more fun!! There was a magician who looked remarkably like Alec Baldwin, jousting, Beer Olympics, and of course amazing costumes. We even had justtt enough meade to convince me to take part in a sword fight with them. I came in second place but I'm not bitter about it...maybe I am. Who's to say?

And to wrap things up with my favorite two things: it's finally Fall!! The best season, the season I thrive. When I buy all the scented candles and hand soaps, craft, and wear cozy sweaters. Ugh my soul is just so happy.

With the start of Fall comes the last thing for today: I turned 26 on Tuesday!! Yikes.

I truly had the best birthday, made even better by puppy snuggles, flowers from Patrick delivered to work, and the best birthday dinner ever. We're continuing the celebrations at the Conshohocken Beer Festival this weekend with my favorite newlyweds and I can't wait to share with you all!

Thanks for stopping by, mwah! *



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