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We're Going to Charleston Y'ALL


Even though I'm from Northeast PA I can say y'all when I'm talking about the South. I'll allow it.

But if you couldn't tell from this gorgeously descriptive title, I'm heading to Charleston, South Carolina on Friday WOOP WOOP!

You're like "um tell me why, you vague monster"

Well, my little chickadees, my B-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F is getting married in TWO MONTHS and we are embarking upon the greatest adventure. That adventure called the Bachelorette Party. THE BEACH. NIGHTLIFE. ALCOHOL. BOATS BOATS BOATS! BRUNCH. THE BEACH! Sorry I yelled at you.

^^ughhhh I can't wait to see this in person

There's close to ten of us heading down and we're staying in this gorggg Airbnb on an island (seriously how am I going to get through the rest of work this week?) where we're going to brunch, bar crawl, explore the city, do things with penis memorabilia, etc.

I can't give away all the plans because some of them are a surprise to the stunning bride (if you're reading, hi SAM!)

I got my nails did, a spray tan, I resemble a yam...I've got my spanx, I'M READY!

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