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Fit For Fall Challenge

Fall is here! Well maybe not specifically in Philly, I'm still sweating here (boob sweat is all too real y'all). But I'm hopeful it'll cool down soon because fall is my absolute FAVORITE season. I'll try not to be too basic but I'm excited about pumpkin everything, I already have two fall candles, and I've made a super healthy apple crumble.

But with fall comes a new Tone It Up challenge that I'm embarking upon! If you haven't heard of Tone It Up, please visit their website. I started their program a few weeks ago and seriously I've never felt so healthy, strong, and happy. Even when I hit those dreaded days where I don't want to wake up and work out, I check in with the Tone It Up community on Instagram and I'm instantly pumped up and encouraged to get in a Morning Booty Call (not dirty, it's just a morning workout). Did I mention the amazing food pictures everyone posts?? Who knew there was a healthy way to make pancakes BTW.

This fall there is a new fall challenge to run 2 miles a day for 8 weeks as a part of their #charitychallenge. I downloaded the free app Charity Miles to track how far I run, and every mile I run a donation is made to the charity of my choice! How amazing is that? Just running can make a huge difference.

I chose the ASPCA but you have the option of choosing a different charity each time you run if you're passionate about more than one thing. OH, and you can walk, run, bike, whatever your heart desires!

I can honestly say I've never been so excited to run (outside of playing sports), and I'm so happy I can make a difference just by getting in shape!

Everyone should take a minute and download the app; even if you walk around the block you can make a difference for a cause you're passionate about!

p.s This isn't a sponsored post, I genuinely just love the Tone it Up community.



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