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Weekend Indulgences: Sushi Dates and More

Morning everyone! I'd like to share my thoughts on Monday:



Sadly the weekend is over, RIP sleeping until brunch, but I hope you all had a great time! Gather 'round, here comes a little snapshot of my favorite things this weekend.

Favorite Meme: ​

Funny because I'm short. Not funny that I feel that I somewhat relate to this (I don't have saggy boobs, just to clear that up).

Saturday started off with an early morning run around Manayunk (#charitychallenge). I swear there's no better feeling than running along an empty Main Street when it's still chilly out. It's like the quiet before the storm, where everything is peaceful before the whole town is bustling with hooligans. It's funny how a year ago I would never be able to make it out of bed on a Saturday morning after a night of going out. Post grad life changes you; now there's nothing I long for more than a relaxing Friday night and a hangover-free Saturday morning. I guess you could say I've peaked.

It was a beautiful day so Patrick and I decided to walk to Yanako for sushi, my favorite lunch. When we were in the park he reminded me that we went on a little sushi bender our last semester at Saint Joe's. We went at least every week; he joked that I was going to turn into a spicy tuna roll (what's bad about that?). ​

I give you permission to start drooling now. You know it was good because anyone who eats with me will point out my 'Kiera bop' if I'm eating something I like. I bop my head side to side, I don't know how or when it started, and I don't even notice I'm doing it until Patrick starts imitating me. Whatever, a girl's gonna bop.

Saturday night. OH MYLANTA. If you're in Philly you must take advantage of the beer gardens before it's too cold out. We went to Frankford Hall in Fishtown and it is SO. FETCH. You're inside, you're outside... ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I don't understand. But what I do understand is there is a grapefruit beer with a German name that I don't remember (blame tipsy Kiera, not me), and it is heaven in a glass. Seriously. If there's a drink that will rival a cold glass of white wine it's this. To make things even better I saw my best friend from college and I genuinely cried. She laughed at me. I got fries to calm myself down. So 'twas a win-win.

SO that was my weekend in a nutshell, I hope you all had a swell one!

May your Monday's be short and your coffee be strong.



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