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Eat Well, Travel Often: Lessons To Live By

I discovered in college that I'm really good under pressure. In fact, some of my best work or ideas come out of urgency. Yesterday I got to put my somewhat useful skill to use.

I ususally plan my day out hourly, but I didn't schedule any time for disaster to strike. I had my day planned to a T... I would wake up, work out, go to Trader Joe's, all before 1 o'clock. It was very practical. Until my roommate texted me mid-workout that the exterminator would be coming this afternoon (cut to the day that we had a gardner snake and a mouse in my house IN THE SAME DAY. See: me moving out).

That was fine, I should've been done with my errands by then, right? WRONG. She told me he could be coming at any time and that I should go to the store ASAP in case he arrived early.

I finished my morning workout, slightly rushed, but I didn't have time to shower before heading out. In the moment I perfected the fastest routine to look presentable post-gym.​

If you wear a cutoff with a Mean Girls quote on it and don't Instagram it, did it actually ever happen?

Must Have #1: Dry Shampoo (Favorite: Pantene)


I desperately need a refresh highlight sesh so my hair looks even dirtier than usual when I sweat. Dry Shampoo is an absolute must-have in my post-gym routine. Some days I'll even use it on clean hair to add volume (BYE flat hair, see ya never). I've tried countless brands, but I've found Pantene works the best for me and has a scent that most resembles freshly-shampoo'd hair. WIN.

Must Have #2 : Wide Headband (preferably with a breathable fabric)


After I massage my dry shampoo into my roots I'll put on a wide headband just to cover up any stringy looking hair. I also disdain having stray hair on my face after a workout so this is a must. Added bonus: this kind of makes me look a little sportier, so people will think I actually just worked out. I don't usually go in public looking like an out-of-breath Sporty Spice.

Must Have #3 : Face Wipes


I break out SO EASILY if I don't wash my face after I work out. It's one of the most frustrating things to me (girl's just trying to get in shape!). It's so easy to grab a face wipe, refresh, and get all of the sweat off my face and hairline in a quick swipe. Burt's Bees leaves me feeling clean and refreshed so I don't need to head to the sink when I'm in a rush.

FINALLY Must Have #4 : Gel Deodorant

I have a phobia of having white marks on my clothing so I tried gel deodorant and FELL IN LOVE. Head over armpit in love (that's a thing?). It eliminates the feeling of caking on solid deodorant the way you do with a powder foundation, and I just feel cleaner with my beloved Secret Outlast. TRY IT. Do it. Do it now.

Give these tips a try and I promise you'll feel refreshed even after a hard workout!



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