Thursday, April 20, 2017

Drunk Crafts Are the Best Crafts

I've done it once, I've done it a million times. That favorite, timeless hobby of mine took up a recent Saturday afternoon of mine, and I now have a masterpiece to remind of me of it every day. That hobby... is drunk crafting.

Main stream, classy people might call it Painting With a Twist. If you do it right it's still drunk crafting.

Anyway, my friend Kayley asked me to hang out and a painting class in the city was only $35 for a two hour session with a pretty awesome teacher. She told me we would be painting City Hall at dusk. I quickly showered, grabbed a bottle of wine, and got my butt in an Uber.

Pro tip: always have a bottle of wine in your fridge for spur of the moments occasions such as this.
If you're feeling extra, bring a double bottle (or two, like the people next to me. respect.)

When we arrived they appointed us a 'blank' canvas that we would be painting.

I say blank but they give you a pretty basic outline to follow. Thank god, there's NO way I would have been able to do it without...again, mostly because I was tipsy.

Oh, another tidbit: I dressed cute, assuming we would take pictures with our masterpieces and then go for drinks after. BUT. You are painting. Drunk.With paint. That stains. Poor decision making on my part. Wear something you won't mind getting paint on - your smock only helps when you're sober.

As we were painting our instructor was blasting a banging playlist that we jammed to - this definitely makes it more fun. She told us if you're not having fun while you make your painting then you'll look at it won't like it. And boy is that true.

I had a freaking blast, even though my architecture is a little squiggly (I have shaky hands). Oh and yes, your building will look very penis-like for the majority of the class. Feel free to laugh at it from time to time.

If you ever feel like you need a confidence boost, take one of these classes!! Seriously. At the end everyone looks at each others' paintings and you're flooded with compliments (even if you think it looks like crap).

I think it was the best idea to do it early in the afternoon too since we got to bounce around to different restaurants afterward for cocktail hour. I'll flood you with the food porn now:

Instagram: GirlAroundPhilly

I can't wait to take another class and get my drunk craft on, and I encourage you to grab some wine and craft too. Even if it doesn't turn out to be pinterest worthy it's still a hoot and a half.


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  1. Ahhhh drunk painting is my FAVORITE! Recently did one with my mom and it was hysterical. It's honestly the best night out with ANY group - I'm itching to do another one after reading this post!

    Susie |