Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Update - Pup Snuggles and Blue Apron!

It's time for my weekend update! I'm genuinely sad that's it's already Monday so I'm going to look at this throughout the week to get me through to the next weekend. And it's a long weekend with Labor Day YAY! 

I'm not very fond of going out every weekend - I really enjoy a night in just relaxing with Patrick and the Magster with a glass of wine and some Netflix. Work seriously drains me! Last week Patrick and I decided that we're going to try out different food delivery options like Blue Apron, so Friday was time to try out our first recipe! Side note: we got the promotional price and plan on doing this with all the other delivery services like Plated and Hello Fresh to try them all without having to pay full price. Life hacks!

We picked the sirloin steak, mashed potatoes and green beans with crispy shallots first. It was seriously delicious! Patrick was in charge of cooking the steak since I still don't have the hang of it after being vegetarian for four years. Oh and he absolutely nailed the crispy shallots (beautifully sliced by yours truly). 
I would say this is like a medium difficulty recipe haha. Okay I love cooking but does anyone else have trouble managing the different times everything has to cook? I was constantly checking the directions to make sure I didn't mess up! But they give you step by step instructions (with pictures for those of us visual learners) so it really wasn't that hard. I'm excited to make our next one tonight: sweet and sour pork over jasmine rice. Also I'm convinced jasmine rice is just a scam to make us think we're eating fancier white rice. Let me know. 

Maggie and I started our day at 7:00am (she let me sleep in!!) and went on a nice walk around Manayunk. She carried this leaf with her our entire walk lol


Then it was time for some pumpkin spice coffee. Yes I am fully ready for pumpkin spice season and I'm not ashamed. I'm over summer and humidity. Oh and this omelette looks lame but it was full of Swiss cheese and it was heavenly cheesy. I've been really into turkey bacon with breakfast and of course Maggie got a little taste test.

Oh and I actually dragged my butt to the gym?! This is so rare anymore- once I get home from work I want to spend every minute with Maggie after leaving her all day. I had some overnight oats leftover so I topped it with a little more blueberry yogurt from Wegmans and it was the best post gym snack!
Literally the rest of the weekend was so relaxing and spent snuggling the pup. Oh and eating pizza from Couch Tomato Cafe. I didn't take a picture of it because I don't want to show how much pizza I actually ate by myself. There's no shame in my game, I had some leftover 'za for breakfast Sunday morning too.
And here's some pictures of me and Maggie on our walks! 

Oh my gosh I almost forgot! I had my first laundromat experience on Sunday haha my washing machine broke and I needed clean towels so I headed to my closest laundromat and awkwardly attempted to work machines.
First I completely forgot to bring detergent (whoops). Luckily they had some in a little detergent vending machine. Speaking of which, I had no idea you need a laundry card to work anything, so I tried for 5 minutes to get detergent until the attendant told me about these magical cards.
I felt like Rachel in Friends trying to do laundry for the first time. 
Thankfully nobody tried to steal my cart. Although I accidentally stole someone's at first. But never mind that.
So that's a wrap on my relaxing weekend. I can't wait to make some Blue Apron tonight and day dream about next weekend already. We're going to a pig roast and I know there will be Jell-O shots so I can't wait.
Have a great week!!


Friday, August 25, 2017

Favorite Reactions to Taylor Swift's New Single

If you don't live under a rock you know that TSwizzle dropped her new single: "Look What You Made Me Do," throwing some major shade (prob in Katy Perry's general direction?), but I'm here for it.

I'll admit, this is an awesome song for a spin class - it's boppy and repetitive and could really get you going during those sprints. As a whole this song is
Image result for hercules two thumbs way way up gif


Sorry about it. I miss country TSwift, I'm all about her dulcet tones singing about teardrops on her guitar. This is a major thumbs from me - how can you sing to this in the shower?! You can't. I'll stick with BeyoncĂ©, thank you very much. With that being said, I'm here for what everyone has to say about it on Twitter (shameless, follow me @kstach). So without further ado, here are my favs. Let me know yours!

She sure did.

Love me a good Bring It On reference.

You can check out the lyric video here.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Drunk Crafts Are the Best Crafts

I've done it once, I've done it a million times. That favorite, timeless hobby of mine took up a recent Saturday afternoon of mine, and I now have a masterpiece to remind of me of it every day. That hobby... is drunk crafting.

Main stream, classy people might call it Painting With a Twist. If you do it right it's still drunk crafting.

Anyway, my friend Kayley asked me to hang out and a painting class in the city was only $35 for a two hour session with a pretty awesome teacher. She told me we would be painting City Hall at dusk. I quickly showered, grabbed a bottle of wine, and got my butt in an Uber.

Pro tip: always have a bottle of wine in your fridge for spur of the moments occasions such as this.
If you're feeling extra, bring a double bottle (or two, like the people next to me. respect.)

When we arrived they appointed us a 'blank' canvas that we would be painting.

I say blank but they give you a pretty basic outline to follow. Thank god, there's NO way I would have been able to do it without...again, mostly because I was tipsy.

Oh, another tidbit: I dressed cute, assuming we would take pictures with our masterpieces and then go for drinks after. BUT. You are painting. Drunk.With paint. That stains. Poor decision making on my part. Wear something you won't mind getting paint on - your smock only helps when you're sober.

As we were painting our instructor was blasting a banging playlist that we jammed to - this definitely makes it more fun. She told us if you're not having fun while you make your painting then you'll look at it won't like it. And boy is that true.

I had a freaking blast, even though my architecture is a little squiggly (I have shaky hands). Oh and yes, your building will look very penis-like for the majority of the class. Feel free to laugh at it from time to time.

If you ever feel like you need a confidence boost, take one of these classes!! Seriously. At the end everyone looks at each others' paintings and you're flooded with compliments (even if you think it looks like crap).

I think it was the best idea to do it early in the afternoon too since we got to bounce around to different restaurants afterward for cocktail hour. I'll flood you with the food porn now:

Instagram: GirlAroundPhilly

I can't wait to take another class and get my drunk craft on, and I encourage you to grab some wine and craft too. Even if it doesn't turn out to be pinterest worthy it's still a hoot and a half.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Rescued a Pup!!!

I finally have a baby pup of my own! We welcomed home little Maggie girl on Saturday and it's ridiculous how much I love her already.

Can you even stand the cuteness? She's a 2 month old lab/terrier mix so we're not sure how big she'll get, but she has pretty tiny paws. And a little terrier mustache haha

She loves playing with the fuzzy bunny I got her. She'll grab it and come plop down in my lap to play with it and I melt. Yesterday she fell asleep spooning it.

And we snuggled all weekend long. After lots of playing and biting my toes she'll come over and fall asleep on my chest. Early Sunday morning Patrick and I snuggled with her on the couch and it was absolute heaven! She gives the best pup kisses in the world!

Also my Instagram is about to be flooded with puppy pictures, go check them out


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Challenging Myself

My mind is always racing, I'm always planning, creating scenarios in my head - I'm a planner. Every single day I ask myself why I don't blog more - probably because my life isn't as exciting as other bloggers - I don't travel often, I work a desk job. But I'm challenging myself to write at least 3 times a week. I love it, why not? Maybe I don't always have picture perfect moments in life

 But having a little virtual diary I can always look back on makes me happy.

Here are other things that are making me happy lately:

Patrick time. Any time I can get it - it makes my heart so happy and my face light up, especially after a long day.  Making fondue, picking a show and snuggling on the couch. Talking, not talking. staying up late or going to bed at 9:30 - they're both my favorite.

Texting my gram as much as I can (hell yes she's awesome with a smartphone)

Receiving Cards

This is Us - yes I got sucked in and I don't regret it for a second

Blanket Burritos

Pay Day - on a slow day I literally looked up gifs of baby otters. So yeah, I'd say I earned it

Wearing leggings as pants. You do it too, we all do.

If you made it to the end of this rant, thanks! I hope you stick around

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Random Kiera Facts

Welcome! If you're new here,

I've been thinking that a lot of you out there on the interwebs don't really know me that well (my bad, I don't post enough. I only slightly blame you). I feel like an 'About Me' section shouldn't get too long or specific, so that brings us here. I want to share some random quirks about me that you wouldn't necessarily know unless I spell them out. Plus I really love reading get-to-know-me-type posts. Off we go!

To state the obvious, my name is Kiera - that's the Irish spelling of the name, according to legend (my mom). I'm Irish, Polish, and Ukrainian. Yes, I love pierogi and know how to make them *humble brag*

I was a vegetarian for four years, mostly during college. Actually I ate fish, so pescetarian. My family of meat and potato eaters were not happy. But fear not, I'm happily back on the meat bandwagon! (sorry that sounded dirty) Although I've never been a big red meat fan so I tend to stay away.

I'm the sleepiest person I know - I think I sleep as much as a newborn baby, given the time to do so. I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, including a bus going to Sorrento:

When I worked part-time, I would nap almost every day. I love snuggling into my comforter and it puts me to sleep around 9 every night. I'm embarrassing I KNOW, let's move on.

It's very rare that you'll see me with perfectly manicured nails. I pick off the polish 1-2 days after painting them myself, but I'll give it a solid week if I pay someone to paint them. Once the first chip appears, they don't stand a chance.

I own far too many workout clothes for someone who gets winded walking up the stairs. I love working out, but lately by the time I get home from work I'm too tired to get to the gym. I'm really good about it on the weekends though! This morning I even made it to a spin class BEFORE work - this is an extremely rare occurrence. 

I'm lactose intolerant but at least once a week Patrick and I have a wine and cheese night - the thought of them gets me through the workday.

I studied abroad in Rome in summer 2013, ate a ton of pizza and gelato, and went to an Italian hospital for stomach pains. Lactose is no joke. Aside from that part it was one of my favorite memories.

My final quirk is pretty well-known, but in case you don't: I'm terrified of E.T. My mom once got an E.T. doll from Universal Studios and put it in my suitcase without my knowing. I cried when I discovered it. I was in 8th grade...

Hopefully I can share some more nuances about my life with you, I mean if you're into that sorta thing. Let me know!