Friday, March 4, 2016

Every Question I Had at My First PR Event

This event was actually on February 25, but I've been crazy busy and wanted to post it when I felt it was complete.

I've been working for Philly PR Girl for almost three months now, but last night was a first for me. I helped set up and run my first event at Distrito in University City, and it...was...amazing.

photo: good food flats

I received a text from my boss at 8:45 am informing me to wear a dress that night. First question of the day: "Oh god, I thought it was just happy hour. How fancy do I have to be? Like wearing spanx fancy?"

I wore spanx. 

The entire day I had a continuing argument in my head whether I should drive to the restaurant or take an Uber. My bank account told me to just skip the event altogether since I had to get gas, pay for parking, etc.. Finally at 3 pm I made the game-time decision to call an Uber, and true to character I arrived 10 minutes early. As it turns out I was excessively early and sat there nervous sweating for about 30 minutes until the rest of my team arrived (copious amounts of coffee also contributed to the nervous sweats).

Once my team arrived and we unloaded the gift bags and other decorations we would need for our selfie booth, I was much more relaxed and started to figure out my game plan for the night. I would be checking people in on an iPad (so bougie) and giving out wristbands (not that necessary).

It was almost six o'clock and people were about to start arriving!

Question #2: "Should I go to the bathroom before I have to stand in this same spot for 3 hours?"

I should have.

I took my spot at my little table at the front of the restaurant and was so ready to check people in. I was going to check them in better than anyone has ever done!

photo: good food flats

It was the most fabulously average job.

Question #3: "Can I eat?"

Nope. And let me tell you, I've never witnessed more self control than when the waiters brought around tray after tray of tacos, flatbreads, some sort of corn dish (I didn't care what it was, but I knew that I wanted it), guacamole, and nachos. And I had to turn them down every time. It was a never-ending stream of jealousy as I watched people eating those tacos, MY TACOS.

But finally around 8:00 pm my boss said I was allowed to eat since everybody was settled in and we weren't very busy anymore.

Question #4: "Can I swan dive into that bowl of guacamole?"

photo: good food flats

I did, chip first.

Now that I had some chips, guac, and a margarita (on the rocks, no salt. duh), I was entirely stress-free and saw just how smoothly the event was going! (Yes, that's the CEO holding a taco pinata)

photo: good food flats

I even took the time to go over and introduce myself to food bloggers that I stalk on Instagram.

Question #5: "Hi I'm about to fan girl so hard, you don't mind right?"

photo: goof food flats

(Thank god they didn't, I'm embarrassing) 

Did I ever tell you how much I love food porn on social media? My top two searches are constantly 'puppies' and 'food porn.' Nothing else on Instagram captures my attention quite as well. I digress.

By the end of the night I changed into flip flops that I stashed in my purse (BEST. DECISION. EVER). After about 4 hours of being there, I was exhausted, exhilarated, and ready to go bed. And oddly craving dessert.

We packed up, I called my Uber, and I went home to crawl under my covers. Bed never felt so great after standing in heels for so long. Then I got a text from my boss saying "Great job tonight! For the first time in a long time I was completely relaxed at an event. You guys rocked it!"

Best moment of the night.


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