Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Best Thing I Ever Bought at LuluLemon

Anyone who knows me understands my love of activewear. If I'm not in "work clothes" you'll most definitely find me sporting a pair of (usually) Fabletics capris, a brightly-colored sports bra, and my coveted "froodie" (basically a cowlneck sweatshirt, or front hoodie. Thank you, Patrick, for coining the term). It's rare that I go clothes shopping anymore, but when I do you can bet I'm on Instagram finding workout clothes inspiration.

I take pride in my friends asking me where I get my activewear, and I've become increasingly picky about the kinds of things I pick out. I try to experiment with different brands and price ranges, but I have to admit I'm usually turned off from LuluLemon. 

Maybe it's because the Lulu wearers seems like a cult, where people can spot your tiny logo'd see-through pants a mile away. Maybe it's because it's entirely out of my budget... Actually, that's the only reason #BrokeGirlProbs.

But this past fall I found myself applying to LuluLemon for a part-time job. I've heard everyone has great experiences working there, and bonus, they pay really well! So before my interview you bet your bum I wanted to look the part. I picked out the cutest workout leggings I have (a sky blue and white floral pattern) and my go-to J.Crew froodie. But I felt like I needed a little something from LuluLemon to make myself feel like I could be part of their world. 

One Saturday morning I drove over to Suburban Square, and after some coffee and window shopping, I stopped in LuluLemon and decided I would take the leap and purchase something. Keeping in mind I was unemployed at this point, I couldn't exactly spring for a jacket or outerwear. I was thinking maybe more along the lines of sale items or a sports bra if I was lucky.

After 20 minutes of browsing and cringing at price tags, I found the perfect purchase. Minutes more of debating the color and pattern (I'm picky, okay?), I walked out of the store the proud new owner of a wide-band floral headband!

However, that's not what this story's about. The best thing I ever got at LuluLemon was the free red bag they put my headband in. No I'm not joking.

Why it's so great:
-I can carry it on my shoulder and it won't hurt
-It's a waterproof material outside
-It makes it look like I just bought awesome workout clothes
-When I'm dressed down I look like I'm off to a yoga class
-It's been serving as my lunchbox for over a month
-I can carry alcohol in it and it looks less ratchet than a grocery bag

Does anyone else use this bag as much as I do?? Never. Throw. It. Out!!


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