Monday, February 1, 2016

A Balancing Peach

I'm saying adios to January, and the craziness that came along with it! I'm not a huge believer in astrology, but this Mercury in retrograde thing really effed me up this month. It may just be an excuse for my life being hectic, but hey anything I can blame it on.

This past month I was on Instagram and found an account and developed a major blog crush. This post is going to be a January round-up, but rather than me ranting about only 3 or 4 things, I'm taking inspiration from A Balancing Peach blog and summing up everything I was doing, liking, or thinking in January.

Wanting: Sunday's off. Working two jobs is exhausting sometimes (a girl just wants to brunch, gosh).
Reading:  Listening: Coffee With Chrachel. The most nuanced podcast and I'm obsessed. Look it up! (You won't regret it)
Watching: The Office (again!). Patrick just started watching the series from the beginning and my heart is so happy. 
Hoping: One day I have a kitchen with enough natural light to take amazing photos of my food.
Waiting: For the Gilmore Girls Netflix new series to arrive BYE. I can't contain my joy.
Getting: Pumped to try out yoga classes (and hopefully good at it?).
Wishing: I could stop hitting snooze and actually workout in the morning.
Working: At my PR firm envying the workout ball my coworker sits on instead of a chair.
Dreaming: Of snow. OH WAIT. Snowstorm Jonas buried my car. I take it back...
Munching: Lemon garlic chicken, kale, black beans, brown rice, and sriracha. BEST. BOWL. EVER.
Sipping: Flip Flop Pino Grigio
Finishing: My laundry. LOL JK there's a never-ending pile.
Saving: WAY too many coins in my change purse because I keep forgetting to go to a Coin Star machine.
Looking: At Instagram accounts of chocolate lab puppies (how many is too many?). See: the limit does not exist.
Wearing: A messy bun with a braid underneath. See: inspiration from A Balancing Peach

Buying: Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Face Wash (works better than anything I've ever tried) See: selfie with ZERO makeup 

Refusing: To accept it's already February...why does time go so fast??
Organizing:  Literally every thought I have in a never-ending list in my Lilly Pulitzer planner.
Loving: Tone it up Beach Clay Face Mask

Bookmarking: Katie Reyes' Advice for Blogging

Let me know your January favorites or things you're dying to try in February!


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