Monday, January 25, 2016

Girls Night Inspiration

For women working 40-hour weeks, it's absolutely necessary to plan a girls night, whether it's with your roommates or even if you're going solo on this one. While I love a good night binge-watching New Girl on Netflix and eating Smartfood popcorn in bed, sometimes it's nice sitting around a recycled coffee table full of pizza and gossiping with your girls while you watch E! News. Here's my personal recipe for a perfect night in.

My roommates and I set a day aside a week in advance for our girls night, which I absolutely suggest! If you have a definite plan, you won't be temped to make any other last minute plans to interfere. The best part of a girls night is that it doesn't require taking out a loan to have a great night (I'm 22 and currently unemployed, so this is ideal). 

Wine. Lots of wine. Red wine, white wine, pink wine, boxed wine (new Dr. Seuss book title?), anything will do. My pick was a $7 chairman's selection Shiraz, a step away from my usual Pino Grigio. I'm not an expert but my experience shows that any kind of wine (cheap or expensive) pairs perfectly with pizza.

That being said, the next thing you'll need is great food for your girls night. We opted for our favorite pizza from the beloved (ususally drunk) Mike's Pizza, and indulged in BBQ Chicken. We decided this was a great "cheat meal." While I consider myself a very healthy eater, girls night is the exception.

Okay, the basics are covered, now for the good stuff. FACE MASKS. If you're ever looking for a simple way to make you feel indulgent and in-touch with your feminine side, a face mask is always the way to go. I chose the charcoal and black sugar face scrub, and my face felt fresh like a baby's bottom after only 7 minutes. 

Let me know how you all have the perfect girls night in!


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