Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I Know What You're Thinking..

You're probably sitting at home desperately wondering, "Kiera, where have you been the last few months; your life details are vital to my existence!" I know, and I apologize sincerely. 

Here I present to you: the major details

I left my job at Philly PR Girl, and proceeded to watch a lot of Food Network. I'm now a revered food critic.
At the end of September I went to Alaska for the first time!

Instagram: GirlAroundPhilly

  Where I learned they don't keep wildlife behind abundant fencing...

Instagram: GirlAroundPhilly

I visited the Iditarod training site and may or may not have tried to take home one of the baby pups. They shouldn't make them so cute if they don't want people to take them...

Instagram: GirlAroundPhilly

Oh and I rode a dog sled (not this one, I let the training pups carry around my fat butt outside on a giant metal cart with wheels. They're in great shape because of me)

Then I celebrated my 24th birthday, complete with the best brunch I've EVER had at Hawthorne's Biercafe. Instead of drooling over my picture of chicken and waffles, go get some for yourself..seriously, do it! (I'll have an entire post on the fondue pot Patrick got me, there's some good food porn coming from that)

Instagram: GirlAroundPhilly

Speaking of best birthday presents ever, part 2 of my gift was tickets to see Jimmy Fallon!!
We sat front row, the opening comedian snuggled his face against Patrick's, and Jimmy gave us high fives. We became lifelong friends (I'm taking suggestions as to what Christmas gift I should get him this year) 

Note the Snapchat caption. They don't allow any pictures at the taping, so without a bathroom selfie (and numerous on-screen cameos) I would have no proof of going.

But don't fret, friends! I won't neglect the blog ever again; I'm here to stay and fill your lives with nonsense trivia about mine.


Monday, November 21, 2016

7 Times I Couldn't Take a Good Photo

Fun Fact about me: I LOVE photography. When I was little I would climb on my mom's computer chair, reach up to the highest shelf, past the Harry Potter video games, and grab her square, black Polaroid camera (you know, the ones that cool people are trying to imitate these days?...the real version). I would take pictures of myself (HAY selfie), my brother Nick, my brother Nick in a Ninja Turtle costume, myself in a Power Rangers costume (the pink one exclusively), you get the picture. 

I loved the process of taking a picture and waiting for it to come out of that big square camera, slowing changing from a blurry white fog to a clear photo.

Now it's more likely that you'll see me scrolling through the Instagram discover feature or on Pinterest. Seriously I could spend hours doing this (hint: I do, a lot). But weirdly I'm not a person who takes a lot of pictures, especially of myself. 

I wish I was one of those people on Instagram who takes beautiful pictures, but I'm working on stepping up my game. In the mean time for your enjoyment, here are 7 times (I'll spare you from the hundreds) that I was unable to take a good picture. 

In pictures of Patrick and me, you'll find that if one of us looks good, the other isn't looking at the camera. Or has our mouth open. Or eyes closed. It's one of those things where we take 20 to get one where we both time it perfectly. And it makes me laugh every single time. I keep all of them because I like watching us laugh through all of it :)

So without further ado, I present to you:

The Time I Tried to Be a Blogger But Wasn't Paying Attention

The Time We Got Distracted by an Appetizer Tray

The Time I Was Laughing at a Cardboard Cutout of the Pope

The Time "I Don't Even Care if My Eyes Are Closed"

The Time I Couldn't Be Bothered by the Paparazzi 

The Time I Got Drunk

The Time I Didn't Remember How to Eat a Cupcake

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Eating Healthy on a Budget (and other important oven cleaning tips)

By now it's probably no secret that I love eating healthy (and balancing it out with pizza at the end of the week). I'm all about finding balance in my life, and even though my life feels hectic right now, I feel like food is the one thing I can control all the time.

That being said, I'm also not in a position where I can buy tubs of hummus and expensive organic ingredients every week. So these past few months I've been trying to find creative ways to cook at home without spending a fortune and keeping it healthy. (I'm stressed just typing all of that!)

Let me start by saying I'm one of those people who will buy something and justify the price of it by saying "well if I use this 3 times a week it's really paying for itself. It'd be silly not to buy it."

This is the first time in my entire life that I have genuinely gotten the value out of a product in. one. week...

A couple weeks ago I bought a spiralizer off Amazon that doubles as a vegetable peeler, and you guys, I've never felt so alive. The day it arrived I went out and bought one zucchini (to test it out, I wasn't going to make a ton of zoodles just to throw them out if I didn't like them). BUT THEY ARE THE GREATEST. Everyone has been raving about "zoodles" this year and I am officially on that bandwagon.

I'm not event exaggerating when I say I had them 4 times in 2 days. They're that good. I even made them for Patrick and he liked them too! (And even if he was lying I'm okay with it)

Now that I've sufficiently ranted long enough (sorry, I haven't even had caffeine yet), I want to show you the amazing dinner I made last night with my spiralizer, zucchini and sweet potato! 

-1 zucchini
-1 sweet potato, washed and peeled
-1 Tbs pesto
-1 big handful of kale (precise. I don't really measure)
-1 tsp of crushed red pepper to taste

Set your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Using spriralizer, peel your sweet potato and place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet, and bake for 10 minutes. (I sprayed mine with a bit of cooking spray and sprinkled with kosher salt and pepper)

When your oven starts smoking and the fire alarm goes off, transfer the sweet potato to a nonstick pan and cook until slightly softened.

Next, set a reminder on your phone to clean the oven tomorrow.

Here comes the lazy step. Put kale in a microwave safe bowl, drizzle with olive oil and heat until wilted (about 45 seconds)

Peel your zucchini with the spiralizer and add them to the pan.

Add kale, pesto, and toss together. Top with crushed red pepper and THAT'S LITERALLY IT.

So simple. This is my favorite meal when I want something fast and healthy, but you can add meat if you'd like, a fried egg on top. Get creative! Buying zucchini and a sweet potato cost me a whopping $1 (I had the other ingredients already). 

Let me know what your easy go-to recipes are! I know I'll be posting more!